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Name:Gilderoy Lockhart
Birthdate:Apr 11

Gilderoy Lockhart is a narcissistic wizarding celebrity who has written many books on his fabulous adventures (which turn out not to be true) encountering dark creatures. In Chamber of Secrets, Lockhart is appointed as Hogwarts's new Defence Against the Dark Arts instructor. He is unpopular amongst most of the staff, particularly Professor Snape; however, he is greatly admired by many others, particularly witches, such as Hermione Granger and Mrs. Weasley, who find him attractive. Harry dislikes Lockhart for a number of reasons: his arrogance, his belief that Harry flew to Hogwarts in a car to seek further attention, his penchant for handing out signed photos of himself, and the trouble he has with simple magic such as healing Harry's broken arm—he accidentally removes all of Harry's arm bones instead. Lockhart is exposed as a charlatan and a coward when he attempts to avoid entering the Chamber of Secrets by revealing to Harry and Ron Weasley that he never performed the amazing feats documented in his books, instead stealing other wizards' experiences and erasing their memories. His attempt to use a Memory Charm on Harry and Ron backfires due to his use of Ron's broken wand, and he suffers the permanent near-total amnesia as a result.

In Order of the Phoenix, Harry comes across Lockhart in St Mungo's while visiting Mr. Weasley at Christmas. Lockhart is slowly regaining his memory and is childishly proud of being able to write in "joined-up letters". He still enjoys signing autographs and still receives fan mail, although he has no idea why. Lockhart never fully recovers, despite all efforts to cure him.
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